Totem Mask Cocktail Umbrellas

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Totem Mask Cocktail Umbrellas



Inspired by the Pacific Northwest Indigenous people, we’ve created these incredible Totem Mask cocktail umbrellas to bring some authenticity to your event!  The mask design of these drink umbrellas is a direct representation of a carving seen on many totem poles, and the colors chosen are a tribute to their heritage.  Help make your next tropical event shine with our Totem Mask cocktail umbrellas by using them to decorate the party area and as umbrellas for drinks!

“The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination…”

Cocktail umbrellas, of course, will always be the perfect fit to add to your beverage – hence, the name – whether you’re relaxing with a backyard bbq drink in hand, or are letting loose with a tiki cocktail at a “Hawaiian luau” beach party.  We promise that by including one of our drink umbrellas on its own, with a piece of fruit, and/or with any other of your favorite garnishes, that’ll be all you need for some added jazz!

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But these days, you’ll also see our cocktail umbrellas used regularly as a complementary decoration in many other areas, such as:

~ Party Room Decorations ~ Display our cocktail umbrellas randomly around the party area(s) to tie your event’s entire color scheme together.  Use as the event’s dominant color on its own, or mix and match with any of the other cocktail umbrella products we offer, to create your very own exclusive, unique party look!

~ Dessert Tables ~ For a tantalizing effect, use them as pie, cupcake and cake toppers, or in any other mouthwatering dessert your heart (and stomach!) desires.  Or if you’re just enjoying some delicious ice cream sundaes at home with friends, put an umbrella in each for some togetherness!

~ Food & Brunch Displays ~ One fun advantage of using our cocktail umbrellas is that they’re safe to place right into the food itself, as you might for a  bread, cheese or fruit display, adding some extra pizzazz to your arrangement!

With unlimited combinations of our cocktail umbrellas possible, we promise you’ll have fun planning & designing a unique color scheme you can be proud of!

Totem Mask Drink Umbrellas

Here are some of the features and benefits we provide when purchasing from

  • VARIOUS QUANTITIES –  We offer various quantities of our entire product line, to give us a greater opportunity to fulfill everyone’s needs, from small intimate gatherings to huge corporate events.  With quantities available starting as little as eight (8) pieces, we proudly provide our customers with more “mix and match” options, so if a combination of colors/designs is desired, they don’t need to buy large quantities of each unnecessarily.
  • EXCLUSIVE COLORS & DESIGNS – We offer the internet’s largest variety of unique shades, patterns and novelty cocktail umbrellas you won’t find anywhere else in the world!
  • HIGH QUALITY – Made with natural wood and paper, they measure 4″ long (10 cm) and are 3.25″ (8.3 cm) in diameter across the parasol.
  • CLEAN & SAFE – All our products are non-toxic and meet all International Food & Beverage Safety Requirements around the world. (Ages 5 & up.)

Perfect for beach parties, luaus, tropical events, and anything and everything totem related!